Well, as anyone who has spent any time with me knows… I love podcasts. I listen constantly, and have found quite a few that have me anxiously awaiting the next episode. I even made my own podcast last semester (and will share it just as soon as I learn how…). I started listening to podcasts this past summer on account of my excruciatingly long drive to and from work. I felt awfully unproductive during those hours spent in my car and thought I might as well be learning something on the drive. The first podcast I listened to is called Radiolab – and it is still by far my favourite. Radiolab appeals to the science nerd in me while interlacing aspects of philosophy and humour.

Although I first started listening for my own interest and benefit, the teacher in me is proving to slowly but surely take over my mind. Now, every time I listen to a podcast I’m thinking of potential lesson plans, or ways that I can bring ideas of the episode into my future classroom.

I have decided to adhere to my inner teacher and write these ideas down in the form of a blog. I will be posting links to the podcasts I’ve listened to with potential ideas and lesson plans that correspond nicely. Please feel free to use what you’d like and ignore what you don’t.

Happy listening,



One thought on “podcasts

  1. I love the idea of using podcasts as well,the possible content enrichment is almost endless, but have been struggling with methods of incorporating into the classroom effectively. I thought of a couple of options but I am hoping you can help me develop them or suggest some others
    Here is what I was toying with:
    1)direct listening time(group/class)
    2)direct listening time(individual self direct(like independent reading time)
    3)Supplemental resource
    4) Suppliment to activity (listening while doing related action)
    5)Activity variation (listening while doing unrelated activity)
    6)Soundbite format (embedded short or partial podcast within multimedia presentation)


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